Bengaline Pant Guide

Philosophy Australia Bengaline Pants
We are renowned for our Bengaline miracle pants. They're world famous for their perfect fit and that easy wear, easy care, wear anywhere style!
Super comfy and stretchy, our Bengaline pants move with you and stay crease, wrinkle and bag free all day long!
Year round, you will find our Gem, Narrow, Everyday and Casual styles, in our plain Bengaline fabrics.
  • Gem is our full length straight leg side zip style
  • Narrow is our full length pull on elastic waist slim leg style
  • Everyday is a 7/8 pull on elastic waist slim leg style
  • Casual is an ankle length drawstring waist tapered leg with a subtle drop crotch.
Every season we offer printed Bengaline styles too. 
  • In Summer, Easy and Weekend - Easy is the printed version of Everyday. 
  • In Winter, Simple and Weekend - Simple is the printed version of Narrow. 
  • Weekend is the printed version of Casual, offered in Summer and Winter prints.
For Summer, we stock our cropped styles EverydayAdora and Capri Bengaline crop styles too.
But what's the difference, you may ask?
Our cropped plain Bengaline styles Everyday, Adora and Capri are all based on our Narrow style. They all have the same elastic waist slim leg pull on style, and where they differ is the leg length.
  • Narrow is our full length style, available year round
  • Everyday is our 7/8 crop style, available year around
  • Adora is our 3/4 crop style, only available in Spring Summer
  • Capri is our below the knee crop style, only available in Spring Summer
Our Narrow, Everyday and Gem styles are now available in sizes 8 to 24. We are super proud to be offering a more inclusive size range!

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