How to Print Clash and Print Layer

Our fabulous Ali is imparting some stylish wisdom on print clashing! Over to you, Ali.

"To clash or not to clash, that is the question"

Over recent years there has been a trend towards wearing multiple prints or interest designs in combination in an outfit. The term print clash was coined, and slowly but surely this way of dressing has become more commonplace.

As a devout fan of print and interest fabrics (it must be the designer in me), I very rarely wear solid or block colour outfits. I personally find that prints hide a multitude of sins including wobbly bits, inevitable spills and, most importantly, give me a feeling of individuality, so I wear them often.

After tagging my appropriate outfit shots on Instagram for the last few years as #printclashprincess, (a tag set up by the queen of the clash and Friend of Philosophy @kimbalikes), it’s crossed my mind of late that the term doesn’t really describe my style of print mixing.

Therefore, we have created the tag #printlayerplayer when mixing with prints that don’t clash, but rather complement each other.

So how do we tell the difference? What’s the tips for those that want to give the look a try?

Here’s my thoughts and I’ve trawled through the 1000+ hashies to find some great examples from the #teamstylefile community

#printlayerplayer is

Using a single colour

 @emhawkerblog / @ali_lennard / @prettychuffed


Using black + white for maximum contrast

@ali_lennard / @im.sandradee / @helsbelsmc


Using a common print theme in differing scales

@mrs_zed / @daniarmstrong / @ali_lennard


Using matching print designs in different cloth weights

@kimbalikes / @ali_lennard / @superkombi


#printclashprincess is everything else!

@kimbalikes / @curvycartel / @belleandfrancoise

These looks require more confidence and a carefree attitude. To avoid looking like a clown, these outfits look more cohesive if there is still a common colour or print trend within the combinations. Check these accounts out for some colourful inspiration.


Never tried any form of print mixing? Here's our best suggestions for dipping your toe in the trend.


Use a stripe. Stripes make a great base for simplistic or more creative combinations. They go with everything, but especially love florals and animal prints.
Stick to a mono palette
Stick to just one area, as head to toe can feel too much to the unconverted (and questioning family members 😂)
Try the easiest method - just add a scarf or interest bag as the difference

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan or a virgin when it comes to layering or clashing?

We’d love to see ways you’ve mixed some Philosophy pieces like these ladies who tagged


@glamgwenblake / @colour_my_world_happy / @almostposh




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