Our first Sprinkling Kindness Project collaboration piece!

Kirsten Perfect White Tee from our Sprinkling Kindness Project collaboration collection

It's all about our Sprinkling Kindness Project

Stop, Collaborate & Listen.

(You sang it in your head, didn’t you?) No, I’m not Vanilla Ice, but I took his lyrics to heart.

The COVID pandemic gave me the chance to stop, catch my breath and really evaluate my goals for Philosophy. I set my personal key word for 2020 as Kindness, and it’s something I’m trying to sprinkle everywhere I can, and I set my business key word as Enrichment.  I created our Sprinkling Kindness Project, which combines both beautifully. 

I’ve been chatting with a few stylish muses over Facetime, who have agreed to be interviewed about their opinions on style. I’ve found that listening and really paying attention has been inspiring, and it has given me a renewed sense of optimism.   

The collaboration process is now well and truly underway and styles named after their Muses are in development. We will be introducing these special styles regularly over the next year. A percentage of profits will be donated to each Style Muse's charity of choice as a way of sprinkling the kindness in thanks.

As these pieces will only be offered in limited numbers too, they are also an investment towards exclusivity in your own wardrobe and style. You’re worth it!

Philosophy Australia Sprinkling Kindness Project collaboration collection


First up we have Kirsten from Bettyquette. After following along with her journey of health, beauty and style on her personal socials and then seeing the launch of her family business, I had the pleasure of meeting Kirsten at a 2018 Styling You event.

As you’ll see from her interview responses below, Kirsten wanted the Perfect Tee to be her item of choice, and I’ve loved making that idea a reality for her. We discussed design details, fabric choices and the overall fit and look. My team and I then started the process of sourcing and creation.

Kirsten and I both felt it was good to offer a Cotton quality, and in a further step of collaboration, we “shopped local” and had the white 100% cotton quality knitted by a premium Mill in Victoria called MTK. As Philosophy is proudly made in Sydney, having the fabric made in Australia is an extra level of patriotism and local love.

By making a purchase of this tee, you will be guaranteeing a happy dance in Brisbane for Kirsten, the Philosophy crew and I in Sydney and Stephen and his MTK team in Melbourne – and not forgetting the $10 donated from each sale to Kirsten’s charity of choice, The McGrath Foundation.

Name / Age / Location / Profession

Kirsten Smith / 47 / Brisbane / Creative Director at Bettyquette

How would you describe yourself?

I live in Brisbane with my husband, two teenage kids and our rescue golden retriever, Percy. I adore all things blush pink, have never met a carb I didn’t love and I’m slightly fashion, beauty and business obsessed. 

How would you describe your style?

Classic but comfortable.

What styles are you drawn to?

Classic pieces that will last the distance. Jeans, a tee and a blazer are pretty much my uniform. I also love a good sequin and, of course, anything pink!

Favourite colour?

Blush pink

Favourite print?

Stripes and leopard print are my faves.

Do you feel your lifestyle defines your style, or the other way around?

Most people don’t believe me when I tell them this, but I don’t have a huge amount of clothes in my wardrobe. I tend to gravitate towards pieces that work together and work in with my lifestyle.

How has your style evolved?

When I was younger, I would follow fads or trends, rather than thinking about what actually suits me. My style has definitely evolved over the years as a result of becoming more knowledgeable and confident about what suits my body shape best.

Whose style do you admire?

This is a tough one to answer! I admire so many different women, from my girlfriends to people I follow on Instagram to celebrities - it’s a huge mix. But I think the one thing all of the women I admire style wise have in common is that they own their individual style and don’t stray from it.

What brands or stores do you favour?

I love a mix of everything from local boutiques to larger retail and online stores. I try to support Australian labels and businesses whenever I can.

What season do you prefer dressing for?

I adore spring - you can still wear jeans and a tee but your makeup doesn’t slide off your face like it does in summer.

What are your deciding factors when considering a purchase?

If I’m trying to decide on a purchase, I usually ask myself the following three questions:

Do I need it? Will it work with what’s already in my wardrobe? Do I feel good in it?

If the answer to all three is yes, it’s a done deal!

What garment have you always struggled to style, or veered away from?

Pleated skirts. I adore them but unfortunately, they don’t suit my curvy hourglass shape.

What is your favorite style tip?

Don’t worry about the size on the tag. If it fits and you feel fabulous in it, you should make it yours.

What piece would you like Philosophy to create for you as your signature style?

I’d love a classic white tee that fits and flatters.

What Charity would you like to donate proceeds to, and why is that cause close to your heart?

The last 12 months have seen three beautiful women in my life battling breast cancer - two friends and my mother in law. I would love to donate to The McGrath Foundation. It’s an organisation that funds McGrath Breast Care Nurses who support individuals and their families experiencing breast cancer.

We love a quote, what’s your style philosophy?

Wear whatever you feel fabulous in!

Where can we find you on your socials?

Instagram: @bettyquette @kirstenandco | Facebook: /bettyquette /kirstenandco



Love, Team Philosophy

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