Sprinkling Kindness Project - the Gwen Desking Gown!

It’s time to sprinkle some kindness again!

My collaboration sideline project has really been a personal highlight in the last year, and before we bring the financial year to a close, I wanted to launch one more amazing piece.

They say you have friends for a reason or a season. Well, my collaborator this time has been a close friend for more than twenty years, and will always have a special place in my heart. I credit my entire Aussie life to her; if she hadn’t married an Australian and moved to Sydney, I wouldn’t have visited and fancied the lifestyle for my hubby and I too.

We’ve been through weddings, pregnancies, and running our own companies together and she is always the first person I’d call for advice on any dilemma as I admire and respect her judgement tremendously.

Ladies, I’m introducing Gwen, as I know you’ll love her as much as I do!

Gwen owns and runs a busy design agency, and during lockdown worked purely from home over Zoom. She asked me to create her a piece she could wear to look smart, but be comfortable and warm in all day too. We are both big fans of versatility in our clothing so we have worked together to make a DESKING GOWN which we believe to be the perfect over-piece.  Dress up to party, dress smartly to work, dress relaxed for the weekend but always be dressed to impress in comfort! (And yes, she sparkles with a touch of bronze lurex)

Read on to hear Gwen’s styling questionnaire responses and why she has chosen to dedicate a donation to the charity Ovarian Cancer Australia. For every piece sold, we will donate $20 from the retail price of $149.00

Launching on Friday 18 June 9am on presale, we will be making each and every GWEN to order, as we have previously sold out too quickly in some sizes. They will be cut and made in Sydney, with love, and sent to you by late July, whilst it still remains cold. To be able to do this, presale will only be open for one week closing 9am on Friday 25 June.

Gwen is a long sleeve, longline Cardi-Coat with one button fastening and a separate self-belt feature. The style has a soft shawl collar, side seam splits for swagger and of course pockets. The fabric is a midweight Ponte leopard jacquard with a touch of metallic sparkle. Easy wear, easy care and generously cut in sizes 8 to 18.


Let's meet Gwen!

Name / Age / Location / Profession

Gwen Blake / 45 / Sydney / Managing Director of a Design Agency

How would you describe yourself?

Originally from the UK, now own Boxer & Co., a strategic brand and packaging design agency in Sydney. I’ve got two kids and a cavoodle. I’m busy, sociable, fun and creative. I’m average height with massive boobs and black hair.

How would you describe your style?

I dress either formally or casually depending on what I’m doing that day. I love clothes that can serve me in both scenarios.

What styles are you drawn to?

I wear way too much black! Drapey cardigans and skinny jeans are my go to.

Favourite colour?

Bright pink, bright orange and black.

Favourite print?

Bold graphic ones.

Do you feel your lifestyle defines your style, or the other way around?

A bit of both

How has your style evolved?

I care less about what’s in fashion now. I’d rather get pieces that I’ll get some longevity out of.

Whose style do you admire?

I love how Mia Freedman grabs all these crazy different coloured and printed clothes and bungs them together and looks sensational in them. I couldn’t ever do what she does but I love the boldness in her choices.

What brands or stores do you favour?

Philosophy obviously; it helps when Ali picks styles out for me as she knows me so well.

Boden and Witchery too

What season do you prefer dressing for?


What are your deciding factors when considering a purchase?

Will it be easy to care for? I don’t have time for frequent dry cleaners’ trips on top of everything else. Will I get a lot of wear out of it? Will it be flexible and can I wear it with a lot of different things?

What garment have you always struggled to style, or veered away from?

I don’t like tops that hang straight out from the boob without an opening. They make me look huge as my boobs are so big. I find wool itchy.

What is your favourite style tip?

Argh, I’m not sure I have one!

What piece would you like Philosophy to create for you as your signature style?

A bold printed long jacket / cardigan that can be worn with a really boring outfit, eg jeans and a black top, and take it from dull to awesome.

What Charity would you like to donate proceeds to, and why is that cause close to your heart?

Ovarian Cancer Australia who raise money for research into ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is the deadliest women’s cancer there is, yet it has a huge lack of awareness and funding. A very good friend of mine is being treated for stage 4 Ovarian cancer right now and I’d like to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Australia in recognition of her incredible resilience and attitude. 

We love a quote, what’s your style philosophy?

Flexibility is key!

Where can we find you on your socials?

Instagram - @glamgwenblake @oogie_cavoodle @sans_sheriff  @boxerandco

Linked In - Gwen Blake


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