Sprinkling Kindness Project - Brooke from @what_brooke_wore

THANK YOU!  The support of my idea to stop, collaborate and listen - Vanilla Ice style - has just blown me away.  I needed a creative, positive side project to keep me smiling during this trying year and working alongside some of my fave gal pals to create a few key wardrobe winners has been such a treat.

So far, we have launched the The Kirsten Tee, The Bev Blouse, The Suzie Kaftan - all to an amazing response. I’m now introducing a new year-round essential, The Brooke Stripe Tee.


let's meet Brooke

My girl crush on Brooke from @what_brooke_wore  / Blonde Ambition is no secret, and I’m very grateful to have her friendship. I love her crazy car karaoke obsession, and her positivity; it’s just infectious! 

You’ll recognise her beautiful face from some of our Summer 2020 marketing as Brooke has been a fabulous model and ambassador for Philosophy this year.

Brooke is all about fun fashion that is colourful, cute and sassy which is a perfect reflection of her own style. She is very firmly on #TeamStripes as am I, so the tee we have created is one that suits both of our bodies, wardrobes and love of colour.

The boat neck, ¾ sleeve styling means it will be wearable year-round. It's produced in a gentle viscose quality so it's breathable, as well as easy wear, easy care, and wear anywhere!

We couldn’t choose if we preferred Cobalt or Coral as the best colourway, so thought we’d offer both. Why have one stripe, when you can have two?

Brooke’s charity of choice is RUOK, read on for her reasoning, and $10 from each tee purchased will be donated to them on her behalf.



Name / Age / Location / Profession –
Brooke Falvey, 38, Brisbane. Fashion Editor / Writer 

How would you describe yourself?
Oh gosh, I find this such a tricky question. I’m guess I’m a wanderlust-suffering, eternally (or so it feels) single writer and stylist who is regularly likened to Carrie Bradshaw mixed with the no-holds-barred sassy side of Stassi Schroeder.

How would you describe your style?
I’m fun, feminine and flirty, with a side of preppy glamour. It’s a bit Nina Proudman meets J.Crew, with a dash of Legally Blonde.

What styles are you drawn to?
Timeless pieces in classic cuts/styles (although sometimes with a little flair); skinny jeans, blazers, pleated midi skirts, an oversized knits and mini dresses.

Favourite colour?
Pink; usually bolder shades over pastels.

Favourite print?
That’s a no brainer – stripes, followed by spots.

Do you feel your lifestyle defines your style, or the other way around?
A bit of both; when working with styling clients, I always take their lifestyle into account. There’s no point having a wardrobe full of cocktail dresses if you never go out or fun weekend wear when you have a corporate job. 

How has your style evolved?
It’s evolved in every way and continues to changes;
When I was in my early 20s I wore a lot of power suits, button up shirts and faux pearls, and I had a dark brown bob. You wouldn't catch me in any of that now.

I try to focus more on dressing to suit my body shape and personality more than current trends, but I do still feature a lot of on trend pieces. I like to embrace the fun side of fashion; to experiment and try different things. Sometimes they work, sometimes not! 

It’s also good to remember that style doesn't have to be eternal; as we develop, change and age, it's natural for our style to also change and develop.  

Whose style do you admire?
Celebrity wise, Reese Witherspoon, Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively and SJP (as Carrie Bradshaw) would top my list, and one of my favourite fashion bloggers is New York’s Blair Eadie, her style is gorgeous, fun and whimsical—plus she recently designed her own collections for Nordstrom. 

What brands or stores do you favour?
Seed, Witchery, Zara, Alessandra Cashmere, Tigerlily, JCrew, Review, Cue, Sportsgirl 

What season do you prefer dressing for?
Ooh, I can’t choose. I love wearing dresses in summer – but I own a ridiculous amount of winter clothes and accessories for someone who lives in Queensland (I blame living in London for giving me an addiction to all the warm, cosy things).

What are your deciding factors when considering a purchase?
First and foremost, it’s whether the piece suits my shape and colouring. Then it’s on to whether the style fits with my personality or if it’s something different I want to try. These days, because I’m trying to be a little more sustainable with my choices, I also think about what else it will go with in my wardrobe — ideally, I’d like to be able to put together at least three different outfits (you’d be surprised how easy this can be with some pieces). 

What garment have you always struggled to style, or veered away from?
I wear the pants, if you know what I mean, but I don’t wear a lot of pants, except for jeans. I just find they rarely sit right on the shape of my legs so it’s more about fit over styling.
If I do buy / wear a pair of pants, they’ll usually have a wide leg. 

What is your favourite style tip?
Stay true to yourself; don’t buy something just because it’s “on trend”, especially if it’s not really your personal style or doesn’t suit your shape. As long as you feel great in something, you’ll appear confident and happy and that’s the key to looking amazing! And don’t be afraid to mix prints—checks, stripes, florals, spots, gingham etc. We call it a print clash, but really you want your prints to complement each other, not clash.  

What piece would you like Philosophy to create for you as your signature style?
A striped tee, pretty please.

What Charity would you like to donate proceeds to, and why is that cause close to your heart?
RUOK. When I was 21 years old, I lost the man I loved to suicide and, in the years since, I have had friends suffer depression and anxiety issues so RUOK is a cause I support whenever I can.

Click to read Brooke's words on her connection with RUOK

We love a quote, what’s your style philosophy?
If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it – especially if it putting it on makes your do a little happy dance.

Where can we find you on your socials?
IG @what_brooke_wore
FB @BlondeAmbitionAU



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