Sprinkling Kindness Project - Collaboration Update!

We are so excited to have our Designer + Director and all around superstar Ali Lennard giving us an update on our Sprinkling Kindness Project this week.  All about the surveys so many of you completed for us, and a little update on our collaborations with the amazing women Ali has handpicked.  Women we love and we know many of you love them too.  Over to Ali!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I was overwhelmed by the response to our Sprinkling Kindness Collaboration project, and you certainly showed me your kindness in spades by filling out our Style Survey.
I’ve spent some wonderful hours reading through all your responses, and may have had a little tear at some of the kind things said about Philosophy pieces you’ve loved, nodded along in agreement to your favourite colours and prints, smiled to read how confident everyone seems to be in their style, and, most importantly, felt inspired to get some of those dream pieces into reality.
There were lots of common opinions, and I thought you’d be interested to know!  Here's a little synopsis of thoughts about style submitted by all of you in our survey.
Nationally, size 14 is our average, and our results showed the same. As a size 14 myself, I feel I’m able to relate to most of the comments regarding body sensitivity, (I too have bingo wings, a belly and varicose veins) yet I still have an appreciation for my body and an understanding how garments can flatter or camouflage.
All sizes from 8 - 18 were mentioned across the responses, with a few requesting an increase in sizing to 22. (This summer we increased our wholesale offer in key styles up to a 24).
“With age my confidence in my own taste, and my choices, have become less about hiding faults and more about highlighting my strengths” Johanne Taylor 
On describing your style Smart Casual seems to be the common ground but with a twist. Be that an eclectic, boho, minimalist or romantic one!
“Classic with a Pop” Michelle Beesley
Blue - hands down our favourite colour to wear with more than 60% of responses nominating this as their favourite. Bold, bright colours all seem to be favoured with Red, Hot Pink and Emerald Green also mentioned frequently.
Interestingly, considering Black is always fashion's most purchased colour, many of you mentioned you are trying not to wear it as much now, with many quoting Navy as a preferred neutral. Purple, it would seem, is the least favourite!
“Blue! I prefer strong colours that don’t wash me out” Kirsty Storr
Leopard, spots and stripes are the favoured prints, with many of you commenting how fundamental they are within your wardrobes. This was no surprise, and with us now going into recession you’ll be seeing more of these in stores, as they are ‘safer’ design option for brands as less polarising than florals for example.
“Leopard Print. It’s a neutral right?” Jodie Carter
Spots. Or Stripes. Both!” Emily Hawker
Boho prints are controversial, as is Boho style in general with a love it or hate it response rate. Lots of comments that anything maxi or overtly flouncy is a style you struggle to wear and veer away from, but the tried and true “jeans and a special top” seems to work for most.
Skirts seem to be difficult, as are Shorts, Jumpsuits and Sleeveless anything in terms of willingness to try, and suitability on the body.
“Less structure. Comfort is a must.” Pamela Watson 
When it comes to fabrications, we all seem to be on the same page favouring premium qualities with a bias towards natural. Stretch, comfort and easy care were all mentioned frequently too.
At Philosophy, we only offer fabrics with those qualities to them, and increase our Natural fibre elements every summer.
Polyester has historically had a bad name, but has come a very long way in terms of its usage though. If ‘easy care, easy wear’ is your thing, you shouldn’t disregard this fibre. In most cases now, it can have a great cooling quality to wear.
“Anything that doesn’t require ironing!” Doreen Borg 
Your Philosophy Droppie pants are the most comfortable pants ever. They feel like cotton against the skin” - (they are Polyester!) Eloise Hudson
It was so uplifting to read that you all felt your style has evolved in a positive way as you’ve aged. Focusing on what works for you, rather than being trend driven, and also how adaptable your pieces need to be, in that we no longer seem to have definition between usages. Work, weekend, party - one item should be able to be accessorised to be suitable for all.
“As I get older (my style) gets better. I’m more confident and more defined.” Sara Hatten-Masterson
It's become more practical. Having a capsule wardrobe saves me most days” Sian Gipslis
The deciding factors on purchasing were also very definitive. Value, Versatility, Fit, does it look great on me, and do I feel good in it?
“When I put it on, and think Wow!” Deborah Vartesi
It was also pleasing to read that more and more people are becoming conscious of their clothing purchasing, with ethical, sustainable and local production being mentioned as important.
(100% of Philosophy is made with love in Sydney in a one machinist, one garment, couture make)
The cut, and comfort. I’m happy to pay a higher price if Aussie Made” Liz Kubler
So ... what’s next?
Well, I’ve been busy behind the scenes working on the first set of pieces that we will launch as part of our collaboration. Coming soon, to name a few, are:
I’m very excited about this collaboration and can’t wait to show you more!
Love Ali x

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