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Philosophy Australia - the trends you want, the styles you need, with the quality and fit that you love!

Philosophy Australia is a Sydney based women’s fashion design house.

Established over twenty years ago, we are highly regarded and have a reputation for the creation of Australian designed and produced quality, timelessly stylish statement pieces of womenswear clothing that showcases our brand identity and yet remains true to our style philosophy; easy wear, easy care, wear anywhere.

Philosophy Australia: more than just a brand;
we are a community of stylish women


Alison Lennard, Designer and Director of Philosophy Australia


Meet Alison Lennard

Alison is the long term designer and now owner of Philosophy Australia. Ali is the heart and soul of the brand that she loves, lives and breathes.

Graduating with a BA (hons) in Fashion & Marketing in England, Alison began a career she calls her calling and passion and one that she wanted from a very young age. 

Her impressive designer resume includes 20 years plus in roles at some of the most prestigious UK retailers, and her vast experience has been instrumental in how she has moulded the label since she joined Philosophy Australia in 2008.

She describes her design handwriting as clean, comfortable and commercial and her personal style of easy wear, easy care has become our company motto.

In 2019 Alison took full ownership of the brand, that she has been designing for, and passionately loves, from founding director Peter Wood.


Why we do what we do

“This is the best pant I’ve ever purchased!” We hear this often. Why?

  • The fit
  • the quality of the fabric,
  • the feel on the body
  • the value
  • the style longevity
  • the versatility of styling
  • he ease of care
  • the finer details; and
  • the knowledge that they are supporting a local and ethical brand promoting Australian manufactured product.

We aspire to appeal to a consumer’s love of fashion, and adhere to her style core values, which replicate our own. We crave to hear "It’s a winner!” from our boutique owners and “I love this garment!” from our retail customer after every purchase.


How we do it

We collaborate like a family with suppliers, contractors and staff.

We treat our customers as part of our extended family, and strive to consistently exceed expectation in Product Design, Quality and Service

We are extremely proud that 98% of our label is produced in Sydney, and of the great relationships we have with our Australian suppliers and external contractors.  By keeping production local, we can maintain a high level of quality, yet turnaround product quickly. We do all this whilst ensuring a local fashion presence and a product that is ethically and sustainably produced. 

When asking our long standing boutique customer base “What does Philosophy Australia represent to you?” you will hear the repeated responses:

  • pants and prints
  • quality
  • Australia
  • reliable
  • commercial
  • best sellers
  • great team!


Customer testimonials

We believe in our Philosophy Australia team! We love that you do too. Here are some testimonials to our product and brand from our retail and boutique customers


Philosophy is a label we have held for many years as it is sought after by our customers for its fit, comfort, style, quality and versatility.  Philosophy pants in particular are a definite repeat purchase by our customers and “Australian made” is a definite draw card. In our customers' words, Philosophy produce “trustworthy reliable garments that are a no brainer purchase”  We all love Philosophy!

Southern Belle Boutique, Manjimup, WA


I have been stocking Philosophy in my boutiques for many years now, and have always found it to be a brand that is sought after by discerning customers. Style, fit, quality and comfort are all factors that make it an ongoing success for both me and my customer base, topped off by the fact that it is predominantly Australian made.

Tonia Tribe, Tonia T Boutique, Werribee and Geelong, VIC


When I first opened my little boutique almost 18 years ago, I was advised by other retailers to stock Philosophy, and it had the best fitting pant in the market. 18 years on, I am still stocking their fabulous range. The company has always been so approachable.

Kendal Hansen, Kendal Clothing, Orange NSW


Whats not to love about Philosophy clothing? I am proud to have such a beautiful AUSTRALIAN MADE label in my shop. Quality, style and affordable prices mean that I have garments that have my customers returning for more, every season.
But behind the label, as an owner, I appreciate the great service that ‘Team Philosophy’ provides. Thank you!

Karyn, Koko Maia, Merimbula NSW


Unbeatable comfort and style.  The Liane Moriarty Pants have become my go to pants for a snappy work outfit, but also for lunch dates with friends.  Incredible quality, comfort and fit.

Nicole G, online shop customer


Comfy and lovely.  The Droppie Pants are so easy to wear and I always receive lots of lovely compliments when I have them on.  No ironing for the win! If you're after a looser fit and a more prominent drop, then size up. I sized true - it's a slight drop with an elegant silhouette.

Robyna M, online shop customer


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Philosophy Australia: more than just a brand;
we are a community of stylish women