About Us

At Philosophy Australia we have been dressing Australasian women for more than 20 years, and are supremely proud of our Australian heritage.

We create beautiful timeless pieces, designed to be loved and worn for many years, that are both on trend and eternally chic. We are a small family business, with a focus on sustainability and ethical manufacture. Our designs are made with love in Sydney, in a couture one-person-one-garment method. 

Our customers have confidence in adding Philosophy Australia pieces to their wardrobes, as we are renowned for our impeccable fit and quality fabrics.

Our design ethos is "easy wear, easy care and wear anywhere/wear!"

Introducing Alison Lennard - the face & personality, creative soul and now the new owner of Philosophy Australia.

Graduating with a BA (hons) in Fashion & Marketing in England, Alison began a career she calls her calling and passion and one that she wanted from a very young age. 

Her impressive Designer resume includes 20 years plus,in roles at some of the most prestigious UK retailers, and her vast experience has been instrumental in how she has moulded the label since she joined the brand in 2008, on arriving into Sydney.

She describes her design handwriting as clean, comfortable and commercial and her personal style of easy wear, easy care has become our company motto.

In 2019 Alison took full ownership of the brand, that she has been designing for, and passionately loves, from founding director Peter Wood.